That is what customizing your specialty trailer to your exact needs is about. But don’t worry! Your Featherlite Specialty Sales Manager will help you to realize what those possibilities are for your specific configuration.

When it comes to designing your trailer, imagine how you will use your trailer. Some basic questions to start thinking about:

  • Where will people come in and go out of the trailer?
  • Do you want the experience or function to be completely inside the trailer or would the engagement with customers expand beyond the walls of the trailer with an awning or drop-down stage?
  • Do you need a restroom that can be used by the crew only or both public and crew?
  • Where are you going to store equipment when in transit?
  • What sort of electrical power are you going to require?

As these questions and more are answered, the Featherlite team will work toward a floorplan, focusing on a number of design elements and functionalities. Below is an introduction to some of the trailer options available to you.