The costs of reaching your customers—whether physically or through traditional marketing efforts—continue to rise. Consumers are tuning out more marketing messages and asking for more targeted, personal interaction. Quicker response times with even more prolonged time on site are demanded. These are a few of the challenges your company, organization or response team may be facing today. A mobile specialty trailer offers a high-impact solution to thousands of diverse enterprises.

Creating a mobile experience—no matter the application—is much like building a custom home. A number of decisions must be made to arrive at the finished product. But an experienced sales and design team, like the one at Featherlite, will help to make this process much smoother.

The first few questions you should consider include:

  • What do you or your client want to accomplish with this project?
  • How much are you or your client planning to invest in the project?
  • What’s the preferred launch date?

As you can tell, Featherlite works with both the end user of the trailer directly or will work with an agency or tour company throughout this process.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components to launching your specialty trailer project!


Your objectives should be specific and relevant. Some examples might be to build brand awareness, build product demand, provide a point of sale to complete transactions, improve response times, conduct business more efficiently offsite, capture leads, etc. Everything in the project should contribute to achieving the objective and getting you a return on the investment.


Featherlite sometimes gets the question, ‘What does a trailer cost?’. The simple answer: It depends. In order to determine a specific price, a specific design must be determined. If you need to establish a budget before a specific design is finalized, you can start with an estimate.

An estimate is an expectation made before the final design is known based on information provided and from past experience from similar projects. If the actual final design differs from the initial information and expectations, then the actual price could also vary proportionately, but it’s a starting point. This differs from a quote, which is an offer made to build a specific design for a specific price once the final design is known. It is documented by a drawing and/or written specifications.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to budget, browse through the website and photo gallery and find a trailer that looks similar to what you’re envisioning. The sales team can then provide a rough estimate of what that trailer cost, and this may help to determine if you’re in the right range and if a Featherlite specialty trailer is the best solution.


Indicating your desired finish time will help the sales team know how best to advance the process and whether your timeline is feasible.

Your Featherlite Team

Specialty trailer manufacturers, like Featherlite, produce custom trailers that take whatever your operation is and put it on the road. Some manufacturers modify an existing trailer, while others, like Featherlite Trailers, build it from the ground up.

Some manufacturers are very vertical and do virtually everything in house, like Featherlite does. In contrast, some subcontract almost all of the work to others, acting as a general contractor for the project. Others are somewhere in between.

At Featherlite, your main contact through the design and manufacturing process will be a single Specialty Sales Manager. Any questions and decisions will be communicated through this person.

Your end goal is to have a well-designed and productive custom specialty trailer that will meet your every objective. No matter what stage you are in the process and no matter whether this is your first or 10th trailer in your fleet, we want you to be prepared.

Check out the list of trailer uses and trailer configurations if you don’t have a specialty trailer function in mind. Then reach out to us at Featherlite Specialty, or call us at 800-800-1230 to get started today!