Featherlite specialty trailers can be completely self-containing and therefore, a restroom might be a good option for your visitors. If your design includes a sink or bathroom, you’ll need plumbing.

Basic ingredients for plumbing are:

  • Plumbing fixtures, like sinks, faucets and toilets
  • Hot water heater
  • Three kinds of holding tanks:
    • Freshwater, for drinking water supply
    • Greywater, for sink drains
    • Blackwater, for human waste, toilet drain
  • Drain plumbing and dump valve(s) for grey and black water tanks
  • Water pump
  • City water hook up to access public water instead of using your freshwater holding tank.
  • Water lines to connect it all—for mobile application, water lines are typically a flexible plastic-type.
  • Drain plugs or valves for the freshwater tank, all freshwater low points and appliances. Also a fill point for the freshwater tank.
  • Level sensors on each holding tank and a monitor mounted inside the trailer to tell how full each tank is.

It’s a good idea to design your floorplan so all of the plumbing is in the same area, so, for example, avoid having a sink on one end of the trailer and a bathroom on the other since that requires running water lines the entire length of the trailer.

Most large trailers that have holding tanks have either 50 or 100 gallon capacity, but keep in mind that water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. Featherlite can advise you on this.

If operating in cold weather, plumbing will have to be drained for below freezing weather in order to avoid freeze damage. This starts with a design where it can be drained easily without tools. The water lines should have low point drains. The water heater and freshwater tank should have drains plumbed to the outside of the trailer. There should be a provision for filling the lines and pump with a non-toxic RV type anti freeze without going through the freshwater holding tank. The water heater should have a bypass so the water lines can be filled with anti-freeze without having to fill up the heater. These features should be specified.

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