What can you expect when embarking on a specialty design project? Let’s walk through a few of the steps and timeline you can anticipate.

As Featherlite works with you to develop your design, you’ll be presented with two documents—a drawing and written specifications. A drawing will help you to visualize the trailer and give you the critical dimensions, while the specifications will provide you with detailed descriptions of the elements.

You will be asked to sign both the written specs and drawing in order to complete the order. After this point, design changes will be done with a change order.

After the order is completed, here are the different steps that will lead to delivery of your new trailer.

Detailed drawings are made. These are expansions of the drawing you sign, showing all the detail that manufacturing needs to know in order to build the trailer and purchasing needs to secure materials. (3-4 weeks)

The manufacturing of sub-assemblies like axle sub frame, slide-out mechanism and doors begin. Start of first assembly begins at the earliest available start date or as soon as parts and drawings are available, whichever is later. Structure is completed. (2-4 weeks)

Interior build out begins. Interior is completed. (2-5 weeks)

Paint and graphics are applied. (1-2 weeks)

Final quality audit and cleaning. (1-3 weeks)

Ready for delivery. (Average total 8-15 weeks)

Note: Schedule and timing of each step varies by project and availability in the manufacturing facility. But we’ll work with you closely to ensure your trailer meets your schedule and expedite processes as needed.