In 1973, Featherlite pioneered a bold new innovation–the all-aluminum specialty trailer. And every year since then, Featherlite has expanded the capability and promise of the lighter, stronger, all-aluminum alloy trailer. Featherlite has become the trailer of choice for hundreds of top brands and organizations who want to customize a mobile unit to meet their expectations.

Boundless. No other trailer company in the world builds the range of trailer categories that Featherlite does. If our clients can imagine it, Featherlite most likely can build it. Featherlite believes since there are no “standard” clients, neither are there “standard solutions” that can accommodate the vast and complex array of different business and organizational needs. The possibilities for your trailer are boundless.

Personal Service. Our manufacturing processes are detailed and complex. But we have an uncomplicated and efficient “single source” planning, design and communication system for our clients. It is smooth and effective, and our customers benefit from it. A client has one Featherlite point of contact: their Featherlite Specialty Sales Manager [SSM]. This resource is the client’s expert-in-residence, advocate and project manager. The SSM oversees the entire project from beginning to end to ensure that the customer’s expectations are fulfilled. Communication and dialogue happen with the client throughout. Our process has won a loyal client base that is a virtual “Who’s Who” among Fortune 500s as well as businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Proven Reliability. Featherlite’s high volume of trailer production over 50 years has allowed it to fully refine its quality control, design/build systems and component sourcing. Featherlite incorporates new technologies and maintains patented systems no other manufacturer offers. It also provides clients the depth and expertise of a trailer manufacturing specialist noted for meeting intense production schedules. Featherlite is well known for its cost-saving efficiencies and adherence to the highest manufacturing standards. Featherlite’s comprehensive approach includes the total manufacturing of its major trailer components, including customized interiors, all in its own facilities. This assures the utmost control of its product – essential to the premier level of performance and customer service that guides the company.

NASCAR race teams, which have little margin of error in their demanding month-in, month-out national race schedule, overwhelmingly choose Featherlite transporters. A Featherlite Specialty Sales Manager can cover in detail what goes into the design and manufacturing of these incredible “million-mile trailers”.

Exclusive Benefits. Featherlite specialty trailers combine the best of both worlds–superior strength and durability with lighter weight. This is done through the use of a premium aluminum alloy for its structure and skin.

In addition, Featherlite utilizes a patented, optional rack and pinion slide-out drive on its display transporters. Slide-outs, which dramatically increase the floor space inside the parked trailer, are deployed in a Featherlite with a single pushbutton. Featherlite also includes a manual back-up system. This redundant system was developed to help prevent any malfunction, even in the most intense weather and unusually challenging conditions. With the manual backup, the slide-out will operate even when no electricity is available.

Featherlite also offers a patented, optional “spread axle” design. This feature enables customers to transport more weight per axle, which advances the capabilities of standard axle design.

Other Featherlite benefits include:

  • Featherlite Quiet. Transporters are designed with enhanced noise and vibration reduction. Generator systems are surrounded with air bags.
  • Featherlite superior fit/finish and professional appearance, including smooth sides for graphic wraps.
  • Optional Featherlite electric liftgate with patented back-up system.
  • Virtually unlimited options and customization.
  • Featherlite’s factory experts are on location at many major racing series.

High-Impact Graphics. Through a partnership with Featherlite Graphics, Featherlite has state-of-the-art capability to provide stunning custom graphics on sides of clients’ mobile units. Featherlite trailers not only house and transport products or services, they also provide clients with high-impact “outdoor media” that can build a brand or deliver a billboard-size message to the public.

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