Featherlite slide-outs are easy to operate and provide up to 1,000 square feet of additional space. Featherlite’s patented slide-out design provides both convenience and reliability while assembling the display. Knowing time is valuable, Featherlite utilizes a patented automatic electric slide-out drive system that companies can rely on. There is also a manual backup built in—just in case of power loss.

The design of the double slide-out expansion is a “nested box” design. One is about a foot smaller than the other so they can nest inside the other. This rigid box design means the roof and all three exterior walls are permanently attached and sealed to prevent leaks and keep rain, wind and daylight out. The Featherlite design offers up to 7.5 feet extension up to 37 feet long, which can be push-button activated and does not require any exterior support when deployed, i.e., no support poles. Multiple slide-outs are available.

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