Event Marketing [e-vent mar-ket-ing] noun

  • Developing and hosting an occasion or gathering as a means to promote a product or cause.
  • Face-to-face promotional experiences between customers and companies.
  • Creating or sponsoring an event that has a particular appeal to a market segment.
  • The practice of sponsoring or staging physical events as a means of engaging consumers, business partners or employees through activities relevant to the brand.
  • Using an event to engage prospective consumers, build awareness or market a company’s products and services.

While there are different ways to define event marketing, it really comes down to your company or brand and the consumer – and how you are effectively connecting with them.

How can you more successfully engage with customers at events or other sites?

  • Send personalized emails to last year’s attendees inviting them to the event.
  • Host a pre-show webinar with more info available at the actual show.
  • Use a location-based service like Foursquare to create a place for people to check in at your event.
  • Deploy a custom event marketing trailer.

Yes, here at Featherlite, we think putting your marketing message, sales promotion or simply everything you’d have in your trade show booth into a specialty trailer is a more effective way to have your marketing go a long way.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait for customers to visit your website or make a phone call or place an order. You can go directly to them. And there doesn’t even have to be an organized event or trade show for you to attend. You can go directly to the customers and intercept them along their common traffic patterns and create your own event.

Learn more about event marketing, and see some examples of event marketing trailers: