Mobile Grill

Who remembers this unique Featherlite? Here’s a look back at the ultimate mobile grill we built in 2007 for a customer. The top of the trailer flipped up to reveal several grills that were accessible via a platform and stairs.

Specialty Trailers

This fall, Featherlite was busy delivering several new Featherlite specialty trailers to its customers. We built a new race transporter for sports car racing team DXDT Racing. In addition, we recently built a specialty trailer for Dunlop Tires. It will be used as a mobile tire operation and changing unit for use at Supercross and… Read more »

Mobile Food Processing Lab

Featherlite built a mobile food processing lab this year for Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and Institute of Agricultural Technology. It will be on campus at MSU plus travel to locations around the state for training and education purposes. It features a slide-out with a wall of cabinets as well as… Read more »

Drying trailer

Featherlite trailers can serve many functions and here’s yet another example of that. This trailer, shown on the production line, will house drying racks and was built for a client that focuses on allergy treatment, prevention and diagnosis. As part of their research process, they harvest pollen and other allergen sources and will use the… Read more »

Mobile grocery trailer

MoGro’s new mobile grocery trailer, built by Featherlite, will be put into service in New Mexico soon! MoGro provides access to healthy, affordable food to communities that currently lack access due to physical location and cost. The organization’s newly designed trailer is expected to be a much improved experience for customers than their previous unit,… Read more »

Helicopter trailer

A helicopter will be hauled in this new Featherlite trailer! As you can see in the one photo, the top of the trailer expands up for extra space. The client specializes in charters and aerial photography. We hope to have photos with the helicopter inside the trailer soon!

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

We recently built a trailer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to test fish DNA in the Midwest. The actual testing takes place in the rear lab area. Both counters are stainless steel, and ultraviolet lights have been installed as part of the DNA testing equipment. The front of the trailer is the support area. Not… Read more »

Fantastic Featherlites

Our customers are always asking us to create customized trailers for their hobbies and businesses. From special race trailers to extra shiny ATV trailers to giant outdoor LCD displays with built in living quarters, you never know what might come out of our manufacturing plant next! Here’s a look at our first “Fantastic Featherlite” video… Read more »

Fantastic Featherlite – LED scoreboard trailer

This custom Model 4941 gooseneck trailer was recently ordered by a customer who travels to rodeos around the country. They provide the rodeos with a large LED scoreboard screen that shows competitor scores and other information to the audience. The scoreboard is built into the rear of the trailer. In the front is a very… Read more »

Custom toy hauler

Check out the interior of this custom Featherlite 53’ toy hauler recently built for a customer! It has plenty of storage and work space with room up top for hauling “toys”. A custom lounge with restroom is located at the front of the trailer.