Specialty Trailers

This fall, Featherlite was busy delivering several new Featherlite specialty trailers to its customers. We built a new race transporter for sports car racing team DXDT Racing. In addition, we recently built a specialty trailer for Dunlop Tires. It will be used as a mobile tire operation and changing unit for use at Supercross and… Read more »

Trailer slide-outs

Slide-outs often become a standard add-on to Featherlite specialty trailers. Featherlite slide-outs are easy to operate and provide up to 1,000 square feet of additional space to display products, kiosks and other items to engage customers. Featherlite’s exclusive slide-out design provides both convenience and reliability while assembling the display. Knowing time is valuable, Featherlite utilizes… Read more »

PGA TOUR Shotlink trailer

Here’s one of the many Featherlite trailers you’ll see out at PGA TOUR events this season! PGA TOUR’s new mobile Shotlink trailer, built by Featherlite, features several slideouts to maximize work space inside the trailer for tour officials.