New office trailer

We thought we’d share a few photos of a new Featherlite office trailer built for Chevrolet NASCAR. The trailer, as you can see, has multiple work stations in the main area of the trailer as well as private lounge space and a rear area that includes a kitchenette with fridge.

NASCAR office trailer

Here are a few photos of a new office trailer recently built for NASCAR. It will be used by NASCAR officials on site at races for office functions as well as storage. If features multiple workstations in the main area of the trailer. Featherlite has been a long-time supplier of specialty trailers for NASCAR and NASCAR… Read more »


The Copart Catastrophe Response Team launched their new CAT Concourse earlier this year, which is comprised of several Featherlite trailers that include mobile hospitality and office trailers as well as command centers. Read more here.

Samaritan’s Purse

To better take care of its volunteers and staff as well as to transport equipment for their domestic efforts, Samaritan’s Purse has turned to Featherlite Trailers for several specialty trailers. Watch this video to learn more!

PGA TOUR Shotlink trailer

Here’s one of the many Featherlite trailers you’ll see out at PGA TOUR events this season! PGA TOUR’s new mobile Shotlink trailer, built by Featherlite, features several slideouts to maximize work space inside the trailer for tour officials.