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Featherlite has built several specialty trailers over the years for branches of the United States Military. This includes recruitment trailers for the U.S. Marines, as shown here in these photos from our archives. The trailer was used at events to assist with their recruitment efforts.

U.S. Marines recruiting trailer

Featherlite recently built a new gooseneck trailer for the U.S. Marines that features a flight simulator. It will be used at events for recruitment efforts. Check out a few photos as the simulator is being loaded into the trailer and before it leaves the Featherlite plant.    

Fantastic Featherlite: Marines Recruiting Trailer

This Fantastic Featherlite is a one-of-a-kind recruitment trailer that has built-in flight simulators and striking graphics. It will be used at events for recruitment efforts. It’s an all-aluminum Featherlite, so it’s easy to pull and super durable. There’s a reason the Marines choose Featherlite! Watch the video to learn more! This Fantastic Featherlite is a… Read more »