Another Look at Titleist Trailer

In honor of this past weekend’s Masters Tournament, we thought we’d share this walkaround tour of Titleist’s newest Featherlite trailer. If you ever attend a PGA event, you’ll see several Featherlites on site, similar to this one.

Titleist Tour Trailer

Featherlite completed a new Tour Trailer for Titleist in 2020. This trailer will go on-site to PGA Tour events. It features plenty of work space and cabinets for repairing golf clubs, hosting golf pros and overall marketing their products on site.

Golf Club Repair Trailer

The types of trailers Featherlite can build seems endless. Here’s another one to add to the list – a golf club repair trailer for use at golf events. Check out the interior photos of this Featherlite trailer with cabinets and work space lining both sides plus a middle work station as well! We’ve also included… Read more »