Union Pacific uses Featherlite-built mobile classroom trailers to train employees across the country.

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Union Pacific Railroad operations grew to cover 23 of the 50 states during its 150-year history, and today their employees in all these states must be trained to master the latest railroad technology and keep their current certifications up to date. While this could become a logistical nightmare, Union Pacific has partnered with Featherlite Trailers to create the perfect solution—mobile classroom trailers.

These mobile classroom trailers are designed to provide engineers and conductors with “state-of-the-art operations and safety training,” according to Union Pacific. The trailers have seven simulator stations each. These stations can accommodate two students at a time, with a web camera link to instructors in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Omaha, Neb. Each mobile classroom trailer also utilizes the latest in communications technology to connect with the main Union Pacific computer network. This means Union Pacific employees get the most up-to-date federal training documentation and teaching sessions.

Since the mobile classroom trailers have no physical supervisor, Union Pacific wanted each trailer outfitted with the latest security features. Streaming video lets instructors keep an eye on activity in the trailers, and each trailer secures its doors with advanced technology. The doors can only be opened by Union Pacific employees with an employee identification number, although instructors may also open the doors remotely. This lets Union Pacific know who goes in and out of each trailer.

The trailers will travel throughout the Union Pacific network, where they will be stopping at current training facilities to supplement the curriculum. They also will be traveling to remote locations that lack training facilities entirely. The mobile classroom trailers are set up to provide instruction in engineer and conductor duties such as remote locomotive operation, using trip optimization software and using the new positive train control software, a predictive collision avoidance program that is designed to stop trains before they get in an accident.

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