According to the International Center for Exhibitor and Event Marketing, the use of marketing videos at trade shows continues to grow. Creating specific videos in conjunction with your presence at a trade show or event can prove to have a positive impact on the success of the event. Here are some ways to incorporate video into your next trade show:

Product demo videos – Let visitors view how the actual product works.

Training videos – Whether they have the product or soon will be, it’s important for customers to get details on how to operate the product as well as more info on key features. Many people also learn better through seeing rather than reading literature.

Case studies – Show how other clients or customers have benefitted from the product or service. Present in a problem/solution format.

Product review videos – Have a third party review your product on video. People respect the opinions of others.

Interactive videos – Allow attendees to control and interact with the video to get their desired product knowledge.

In addition to in the booth, these videos can be used on a web page or microsite devoted to the event, within email blasts and on your YouTube channel.