Race transporter in productionIt’s November and it’s hard to believe, but NASCAR is in its final weeks of its race season. But here at Featherlite, the 2012 season is just starting for us. Race teams are placing their new orders or scheduling their transporters for service or updates, as you can see in these photos of Featherlite race transporters in production! One is early in the process while the other’s exterior is progressing along fairly well and will be moving to the Interiors facility. This is where a work area, including cabinets, workbenches and a lounge, will be installed.

Featherlite builds all its trailers from the ground up. How long does it take to build a transporter? It varies by the design, but typically Featherlite customers can expect on average to have their specialty trailer within 8-15 weeks.

Typically the structure is completed in 2-4 weeks and the interior in 2-5 weeks. The project begins with the planning and development of drawings and specs, which can take a few weeks. After the trailer’s interior is finished, paint and graphics are completed along with a final quality audit and cleaning.

We’ll be keeping an eye on specialty trailers as they progress through our plants and look forward to sharing some of the details with you!